Advantegra Business Solutions 

Welcome to ADVANTEGRA, developers of innovative business software solutions for accounting, CRM, ERP, point of sale, and automation.  Using business intelligence to empower organizations to better performance.


Comprehensive accounting software with order management, inventory and payroll.  

Advantage Salon Spa Software

Complete management, appointment book, point of sale system for salons and spas.


Manufacturer Representative order management and accounting.

Retail Advantage

Small business point of sale application with integrated inventory, accounting and payroll.

POS Advantage

Multiple location point of sale and ERP.

Cafe Advantage

Restaurant Management and Accounting.

 on the cloud

Anywhere anytime to access your finances and operations.  Use a computer, tablet or your smart phone to connect.  Safe and secure with multiple tiers of security and 3-2-1 backup systems. 

Manage your business from anywhere with our innovative cloud applications which include customer portals for payments and web stores.   Windows PC applications that you can download onto your PC.  Flexibility with user defined fields in ADVANTEGRA applications.  

Business software solutions:


All modules are integrated and cohesive.  Commissions post to payroll and sales updates inventory and financials instantly. 

Save time and money

With automated tasks and reporting.  Quick calculations for taxes, payroll and financials


Easy to manage your business online from anywhere.

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