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Welcome to Advantegra Inc Accounting Software's Web Site, an Accounting Software and Business Software company committed to the development of new and innovative business software solutions for accounting, customer relationship management and automation. Our solutions are used by all types of companies from large enterprises to small main street retail locations. All our applications are free to try!! Call us toll free at 1-888-785-0882 international callers call us at +1-281-398-3770


Complete business software that includes accounting , customer relationship management, inventory, marketing and sales automation system to run your business. Includes both front and back office functions. An all in one accounting software solution to better profitability!

Advantage Salesware

Powerful sales force automation, contact management software and customer relationship management system with email marketing built in.


Integrated accounting software and sales solutions for Manufacturer Rep Agencies. Includes order entry and commission tracking.


Retail Advantage

Innovative yet easy to use Software for Point of Sale, Inventory and . Integrated credit card processing with available peripherals including cash drawers, receipt printers, pole displays and bar code scanners.

Advantage Salon and Spa Software

Accounting Software for Salons and Spas used for Point of Sale, Inventory, Management, Appointment book, Payroll and complete Financial Accounting.

Cafe Advantage

Restaurant accounting software for restaurant management software with point of sale, inventory, customer management, and accounting features


Everything included in Advantage Accounting Programs...

Integrated Accounting Software  Integrated Systems in Accounting Software

Aknaf Accounting Software Programs are complete accounting software applications that will help you run your business to increased profits with powerful features including Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Payroll, General Ledger, CRM, Inventory, Order Entry, Appointment Book. You save time and money because you will not need to double enter information into two different systems

 Automation in Accounting Software

Automating your business with Aknaf Accounting Software programs will help you organize your employee schedules, expedite customer relationships, and generate concise activity reports! Employee commissions are automatically calculated at check out. Customer interaction is increased with email and sms. Reordering inventory is also automated with built in purchase orders. Commission calculations, sales reports, customer mailings, inventory reordering and financial statements are easy and fast with our Accounting Software Programs.

 Professional Operations using Accounting Software

With Aknaf Accounting Software you can breathe easy knowing that everyday business data is store in a high quality relational database that will give you information about your operations with ease and convey to your customers, vendors and employees that you are serious about your informational needs. !


 Productivity in Accounting Software

Aknaf Accounting Software is an investment that will save you hours a week of your time as well as your employees time from having to generate reports, setup schedules, build client cards and analyze sales history. With just clicks of the mouse you will be able to do in our software programs that took hours to do manually in hours a day! How much is your time worth. Aknaf Accounting Software is not only the tool you need but will help you build your business to more profits and cut down costs. You can easily recognize your cost savings with our Accounting Software and spend more time generate profits and building relationships with your clients! Do you have a fast paced environment? Can you respond quickly to your customer requests ?

 Control Your Inventory in Aknaf Accounting Software

Reordering inventory is easy with the Accounting Software. You can set up desired minimum and maximum levels for each product and you may change those numbers at any time. When you are ready to order, just print out inventory reorder reports by Vendor. These reports will show you, by Vendor, how much of each product is currently in stock, the minimum quantity you would like to have in stock and the maximum desirable number of each product. The report makes it easy for you to decide which items you need to reorder. And it also calculates the amount of the order for you. Updating your inventory is easy to do, simply receive inventory using the same barcode reader you use for POS. All you have to do is scan the inventory item then enter the quantity received. When adding to inventory, you can also update the cost of each inventory item; it is calculated on weighted average cost automatically for you. !

 Better Customer Service in Accounting Software

Our accounting software programs allows you to keep an extensive record of customer information. You can store their address, the particular stylist they continually receive service from, birthdays and types of referrals. We have also included optional fields that you can set up for keeping more information. Each one of your customers has an extensive POS History. So you can see what they purchased at any given time and what type of service was performed by which employee. Each gift certificate that clients purchase is saved in the system in the customer record. You can find out how many gift certificates a client has as well as the amount remaining on each gift certificate. Also Included in the Point of Sale part of the program is the ability to charge to a customers account as well as make payment on account. Each customer can be also setup with a credit limit. ?


 Business Flexibility in Accounting Software

All of our accounting software applications has built in flexibility to give you more options in how you want to store information and process business functions. User defined fields, custom security, and multiple order types are just a few examples of how our accounting software applications are tailor made for your business.

 New Profit Centers with Accounting Software

If you currently offer gift cards at you business you already know the huge profit center it is for your business. If you do not offer gift cards do not hesitate to order them, the perfect gift for any occasion and a great stocking stuffer for the holidays, gift cards are a built in capability in our point of sale accounting software.

 Money Savings with Accounting Software

Integrated credit card processing can save you hundreds of dollars on leasing credit card terminals for your business. You will reduce theft and inventory shrinkage by having all your retail items in our accounting software. You can print your own barcode labels using our accounting software. The program will allow to print barcode labels of different sizes to a standard report printer without purchasing an expensive bar code printer or expensive labels for that printer.