POS Advantage

POS Advantage is our complete system to manage multiple retail locations with integrated accounting, marketing, inventory and payroll systems.


POS Advantage Features
Point of Sale Multiple Location Inventory Control
Payment Plans and LayawaysCustomer Management
Touch Screen Time Clock
Credit Card ProcessingCash Drawer Reconciliation
Bar code scanningInvoicing
DepartmentsPurchase orders and requests
Journal EntriesCustomer Statements
Financial ReportingAged Receivables
Payroll ProcessingCRM
W-2 PrintingContact Management
1099 PrintingStaff Messaging
Payroll Tax ReportingSales Tax Reporting
Balance SheetRecurring Invoices
Income StatementFinance Charges
Trial BalanceService Management
Bank TransactionsDashboard
BudgetsGraph Analysis

 POS Advantage is on the cloud 

Price Per Location Per Month

$ 79 per month
  • Point of Sale
  • Client Management
  • Inventory Control
  • Payroll
  • Financial Accounting
  • Banking / Accounts Payable
AIO Complete system
Complete system for Point of Sale

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